Shraddha Srinath’s important question on married actresses

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Shraddha Srinath, who has been updating interesting posts on her social media timeline, has raised an important question on married actresses.

“Does an actress’ demand/desirability really go down after marriage? Not a superstar; a regular, mainstream lead actress. I want to hear it from you guys. Please discuss. (10 marks)…

One of my actress friends who is about to marry soon, was asked if she would continue to act even afterwards by an “industry person” and I was stunned to hear such a question being asked so casually and unabashedly. It outraged me and got me thinking.

I’m here to hear it from the horse’s mouth… it’s been going on for decades but a lot of progressive things have also been happening of late and you think things may be better but it hits you harder when you witness something like this happen before your eyes. You know what I mean…

Doesn’t a married actor also romance women? Why are such questions not posed to them? Just want to get things on record here guys 🙂 thank you for all your responses (sic)’ She received a lot responses supporting actresses acting after marriage.

Hitha Chandrasekhar, Kannada actress commented, ‘I’ve been asked this more times than I can even count, I’ve always said my marital status has nothing to do with my work. I’ve had directors refraining from offering me work when they got to know I was getting married.

That hasn’t stopped me from continuing to do what I do and I do believe people to seek talent will find it in me anyway. We need to break this stereotype and stand above such trivial questions. Our work should speak for us rather than our marital status.”


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