Lavayna Tripathi talks about frustrated people

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Lavayan Tripathi has shared two posts on her social media. “People who post rude comments on social media must be really frustrated in life, bcz someone who is happy with their life will never be so negative. Is it their way to feel better about themselves?” she wrote.

Talking about how she has seen an increase in this trolling ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, she said, “I am seeing a lot of trolling negativity on social media, which kinda makes me feel sad…

Just bcz one person takes his life (which is also bcz of social media trolls and bullying) people forget the person they’re accusing is also going through something…”

She said further: “Social media can be really toxic…but I like to look at the brightter side, at all the beautiful positive people who keep sending me love everyday, I have only one thing to say, thank you, love you.”

Lavanya added: “And btw when you talk negative and think negatively about a person, that negativity never leaves your body, and nothing good comes out of it…You can never be happy by keeping a negative mind. And automatically start to look beautiful once you get rid of all the bad intentions.”


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