‘Nindha’ trailer looks mysterious and gripping


After getting a solid response to the teaser, the makers have released the trailer of ‘Nindha’, and it looks stunning.

The trailer kickstarts with a few men getting kidnapped and a man torturing them.

Cut to another scene, Varun Sandesh is shown as the man who is investigating a ghastly crime.

The men who are kidnapped and being killed one after the other have a connection to the crime.

But the man who is killing them has been kept in suspense. What is the link between him and Varun Sandesh is the basic twist in the film.

The way the trailer has been cut with a linear screenplay looks top-notch.

Varun Sandesh is seen in a very impressive role after a very long time, and his screen presence is quite impressive in the trailer.

With the trailer, the makers have also revealed that Nindha will hit the screens on June 21, 2024.

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