#Covid19 #Social distancing #Education makes the difference -CORONA Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri


Today we all are stuck with a situation to fight against Covid 19. For sure, with the good guidance and support from Central and State Government, we will come out of this situation.

Now, we all need to go through this ordeal and difficulty for the benefit of all of us to stay alive and safe. And we will maintain total lockdown.

My concern is the percentage of educated people in our Country. Education will make all the difference. Look at the pics above, in Mizoram everything is followed in a systematic way and Education brings the awareness and logical thinking and discipline.

No religion henceforth, should be allowed to have any congregation without proper permission with regard to health care. In fact, we don’t require such congregations any more.

Once we are back to our every day routine and business, all concentration should be to make Education free and compulsory and social and moral values are imbibed at every grade of education.

Stay safe, stay home, be united to maintain lockdown and we will come out of this period at the earliest.

By Vasan. Suri


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