‘Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikesi’ issue sorted out?

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It seems that ‘Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikesi’ might finally take off, as the problems surrounding the movie are being solved now.

Sources said that Isari Ganesh of Vel’s Film International has took up the initiative to solve the differences between Shankar and Vadivelu.

The sequel to the 2006 comedy hit, ‘Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi’, again helmed by director Chimbudevan, took off amid great expectations.

A huge set was also said to have been created. However, problems allegedly cropped up between Vadivelu and Shankar during the shoot, following which the former is reported to have refused to continue shooting.

A complaint was filed by Shankar with the Producers’ Council. Now things seem to have been amicably settled.


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