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Ponmagal Vandhal

– Review

When the makers of ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ announced their decision to release the film straight on digital platform, distributors and theatre owners protested the move. However, after watching the end product on Amazon Prime, we arrive at a conclusion that Suriya and Jyotika have made the right decision.

For, the film is an apt material for web series or a television drama. With intense court room arguments, messages for the society and some emotional scenes, ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ would be liked more by web series and TV audience than theatre-goers.

The film opens in Ooty, where we are told that Jyothi, a north Indian woman, is a psycho killer who abducts and murders young gils. She also murders a couple of young men who are trying to rescue a girl whom she had kidnapped.

At last, the police catch her in Tiruppur and eventually finishes her off in an encounter operation. After 15 years, Petition Pethuraj (Bhagyaraj), known for filing petitions against petty scams in the locality, moves the court to reopen Jyothi’s case.

His daughter Venba (Jyotika), a rookie lawyer, appears in support of Jyothi. She has to face the most talented criminal lawyer Rajarathinam (R Parthiepan), while the case is heard by a principled Judge (Prathap Pothen).

Parents of the girls who were ‘murdered’ by Jyoti were shocked to know that the case is reopened, for they hate her to the core. Even more shocked is a leading businessman and do-gooder Varadharajan (Thiyagarajan). Who is Venba? Why she is reopening a closed case after 15 years? Why is Varadharajan shocked?

Jyotika’s performance is the biggest highlight of the movie and the actress has delivered it in a commendable way. Veteran filmmakers Bhagyaraj, Prathap Pothen, Pandiarajan and R Parthiepan have delivered goods. Thiyagarajan’s character is weak, so is the presentation. Ramji’s cinematography is another major plus point.

Director J J Fredrick has diluted a potential knot in preachy messages and outdated dialogues. But, still, Jyotika’s performance and some unexpected twists come to his rescue and the message he conveys is much needed to the present day society.

By Naveen

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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