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Decent political satire



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Yogi Babu is a barber who does not have a home and sleeps on a tree. He is not respected by the villagers because of his background.

He saves money to fulfil his father’s dream of building a saloon in the village. He tries to open a bank account.
Meanwhile, the village gears up to face elections. Two factions in the village contest against each other and they are evenly poised.
It is Yogi Babu’s vote that will decide the fate of the two candidates. How the candidates try to woo him and what happens next forms the rest of the story.
Director Madonne Ashwin has done his homework on the subject which is clearly visible on screen. The humour in the movie does not go overboard anywhere and is enjoyable.
Yogi Babu gives an earnest performance and shoulders the movie on his shoulders. Sheela Rajkumar has once again delivered a neat performance.
Not just her, the entire cast have done a decent job. Camerawork by Vidhu Ayyyanna has given life to the story. Bharath Shankar’s music has the native touch written all over it. Philomon Raj’s editing is crisp.
Rating: 3.7/5
By Naveen

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