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On the right lane

Call Taxi

– Review

Cab drivers are one by one brutally murdered in the city. Their vehicles are stolen. Most of the victims are friends of the protagonist Santhosh Saravanan.

So he takes up the matter in his own hands and starts investigating who the murderer is and what is the motive.

Was Santhosh successful in his mission forms the rest of the story.

Santhosh has made a decent debut, he does emote well. The investigation scenes are also good. More work is needed in the romance segment.

The scene in which he speaks about the plight of call taxi drivers needs a special mention. Ashwini has the usual heroine role. Though she comes as an advocate she is not utilised properly.

She would have come in handy during the investigation scenes. ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran and Ganeshkar take care of the humour department. The rest of the cast have also performed well.

Director P Pandian has made the story based on a real life incident. He could have given a racy screenplay which would have made things all the more interesting. The movie however acts as an awareness film.

Kabila, who has scored music as well besides bankrolling the movie, impresses in both songs and BGM.

Producer Kabila, despite budget constraints, has given his best to the film.

Rating : 3/5  

By Naveen


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