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Santhanam, ever since he decided to don the hero’s hat by dropping comedian roles, has been careful in choosing his scripts. He ensured that the films that have him in the lead are loaded with funny elements.

Though he has managed to strike a fine balance so far, he has missed the bus in ‘Dagaalty’. This film too is a comedy subject, but barring a few scenes, hardly we get chances to laugh.

Vijay Samrat (Tarun Arora) is a Mumbai-based multi-billionaire. He gives an assignment to his henchmen across the country- to find out a girl with the help of her sketches.

He says he is ready to shell out Rs 10 crore for the ‘mission’. Even as his goons search for her all over India, the task is also given to Guru (Santhanam) through Bhai (Radha Ravi), a local don.

Guru finds her- Malli (Rittika Sen)- in Thiruchendur. Since she is an aspiring filmmaker and innocent, he promises to make her a director in Bollywood and takes her to Mumbai.

However, only after handing her over to Samrat, Guru realises his mistake and regrets about it. He now decides to save Malli from Samrat with the help of his friends.

Santhanam is in terrific form, but he is not backed by the script. But still, he manages with his one-liners and his chemistry with Yogi Babu is terrific.

Characters played by Rittika Sen and Tarun Arora are big letdowns, while Radha Ravi and Brahmanandam do justice to their respective roles. Cinematography is a major highlight.

Though director Vijay Anand has got the basic idea right, he has missed to engage the audience through a gripping screenplay. But still, ‘Dagaalty’ has some scenes that would be enjoyed by Santhanam fans and comedy lovers.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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