‘Chiyangal’ Movie Review by Naveen                                                                                                                                                        

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A tale of the elderly


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‘Chiyangal’ is the story of seven senior citizens in a village. Karikalan and Risha Haridoss play the lead role in the movie.

The movie is about how children should take care of their parents and how more parents are left as orphans these days. The movie speaks about the desires of seven old men and what are their expectations after a certain age.
The film talks about the problems old people face and how the society looks at them, not in preachy style but in a fun filled manner. The film also delves into the lives of old people, their joys, pains, emotions and sentiments.
Director Vaigarai Balan has conveyed this message with a village background with most of the shooting taking place in and around Theni.
The actors who play the senior citizens are all debutants and have done pretty well to ensure that they bring out the emotions of their characters. Their mischiefs, desires, happiness, sadness are all brought out well by the actors.
The lead pair of Karikala and Risha Haridoss have done a decent job. Production values of K L Production venture is good. Music by Muthamizh is above average and BGM gels well along with the storyline.

By Naveen

Rating: 4.5/5 

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