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Son of soil


– Review

The film begins with Bhoominathan (Jayam Ravi), a NASA scientist, working on a distant mission to develop agriculture on Mars.
He decides to go to his home town in Tamil Nadu for a month or so to rejuvenate himself before venturing into space.
On the very first day of his visit, he realises that all is not well with Veluchamy (Thambi Ramaiah), a local farmer who has been his inspiration since childhood.
Due to hybrid seeds, adverse weather conditions and pests, Veluchamy faces crop failure resulting in financial difficulties. This forces him to end his life right in front of the authorities who were responsible for his plight.
Bhoomi then realises that he should save the country’s farmers before getting on a mission to start agriculture in outer space.
The director’s intention seems to be genuine. He takes a dig at politicians, the corporate sectors, media and the government etc., who seem to not concern themselves with the farmers and their problems.
The love track between Jayam Ravi and Niddhi Agerwal adds relief to the otherwise serious content of the film. Dialogues are razor shop and touching.
Imman has woven his magic once again this time with the rest of the technical departments being adequate. The BGM is pulsating.
To sum it up, the movie is about how the soil, which gives us everything we want to live, is getting exploited and how should we save it. Jayam Ravi’s performance and director Lakshman’s making strike the chord.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

By Naveen 


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