Sameera Reddy thanks people for this reason


Sameera Reddy, who is a regular on social media, updates her fans and followers about her activities, how she takes care of her kids and how she spends time during lockdown. She had also recently written about overcoming her own insecurities and enjoying motherhood.

In a latest post, she has thanked people for letting her be. “People will always have an opinion about you and it’s impossible to please the world. Thank you for letting me be me. It took me too long to get here,” she said.

“To this crazy happy fearless space. For years I wanted to be accepted as many things. Maybe for a great body, a successful actress, for society to stamp my arrival, for the fashion world to tell me I was best dressed, l wanted all these things,” Sameera said further.

“But here I am today: just me. And damn it’s awesome. Love you for laughing at my silliness and celebrating my soul. I put my life, my family and heart out there and you respond in the most magical ways. It means a lot ,” added the actress.

Sameera Reddy has been inspiring women with her positive messages. The actress, who recently gave birth to her second child, said, “#flattenthecurve Flattening the curve refers to community isolation measures that keep the daily number of disease cases at a manageable level for medical providers.”

She said further, “#socialdistancing does not mean it’s Christmas and everyone treats it like a paid holiday to hang out!This is not a joke. Why fighting the #covid_19 depends on You 🙏🏼 #civicsense.”

She added: “As much as I make fun, make memes, try to make light of the situation with my children at home, it doesn’t take away from the fact that people seem to be getting still offended when I say ‘don’t shake my hand’, ‘don’t hug me’, ‘don’t pull Naina’s (daughter) cheek man’.


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