#Covid19#Lockdown#Stay Home, Stay Safe# Follow Government Direction- Corona Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri


– We are now completing 13th Day and entering 14th day of Lockdown.

We all should thank God that, we all are still alive and timely intervention by the Government and exemplary service from one and all of the Corona Warriors.

There are lot of news about whether extension will be there or not there of the lockdown. I would request you all to just follow the direction of the Government. We have only our Government and its machinery and the Corona warriors to take us through during these tough times.

Let us be more responsible and remain home safely and go out only for essentials and that too by maintaining social distancing.

Lot of people talk about economic pandemic and job loss and other economic breakdown and Government should act and thereby trigger the tension and increase the pressure on people.

Don’t get worried and invite any other health problems as even Doctors or Hospitals will not be available to take care of you.

Best is trust in God and be thankful that he made you live until today and will take care further. Our Government is doing everything best possible.

We are not only suffering through this Corona situation alone, the whole World is suffering. The situation is same or even worse in some Countries. Economy improvement and actions will be there and can be taken after the Covid 19 is wiped away.

Use your time to make a useful suggestion in any way to the Government in any area that can be helpful. Just hearing in a TV channel about a young person from Lucknow have made a Drone which could help sanitizers and disinfectant to be sprayed in areas which are deep where going in and spraying is a problem. This shall travel 8kms he says and do the disinfecting process.

We all should contribute to the common cause whatever we can by way of money, ideas, inventions, supporting the poor with food or essentials, taking care of our family, be responsible citizens which are the need of the hour.

Please do not throw out problems only, like the opposition parties generally do. Offer solutions and you will be welcomed and appreciated like the Lucknow young man who made the Drone for disinfecting.

God Bless All! We are with the Nation and Government!

Jai Hind!

By Vasan. Suri


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