Suriya reveals ‘Soorari Pottru’ secrets


Suriya is happy about launching the single song ‘Veyyon Silli…’  from his upcoming film ‘Soorari Pottru’, composed by GV Prakash Kumar, on mid-air with 70 students, who are first-time flyers.

He said, “To select the first time flyers, we conducted an essay writing event for students in Government schools and asked them to express their dream to us. All the winners asked us to take their parents and grandparents, such a big heart they have. It was a memorable event.”

On the film, he said, “Before 2000, only 1% of our population used flight transportation. It was GR Gopinath who made this airplane journey as an affordable mode of transport to Indian citizens by selling ticket prices for one rupee.

He wrote a book called ‘Simply Fly’. My director Sudha Kongara wrote this script based on the book and spent nearly ten years for the research work. I can say that this film is very important in my career.”

Sudha Kongara said: “This world always try to push us down and crush our dreams. I came from a village and making this film with a big star. A lot of people tried to put me down but I aspired to become a filmmaker. This film will inspire everyone to dream big”.


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