Rajini slams Centre, says intel failure led to Delhi violence

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Superstar Rajinikanth has slammed the Union government for the Delhi violence in which 27 people have lost their lives.

Speaking to reporters at his residence in Chennai, he said the clashes are the result of the Centre’s “intelligence failure”. On his recent remark in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act, he said he is not the BJP’s “mouthpiece”.

Stating that the riots should have been dealt with an iron fist, he added that protests should not turn violent. He recalled his earlier statement that he will stand by Muslims if they were affected by the amended citizenship law.

“Definitely it is Central government’s intelligence failure. I strongly condemn the Central government,” he said. Rajini added that such violence should have been controlled especially at the time of visit of leaders like US President Donald Trump.

“Any protests should be peaceful and there should not be any room
for violence,” he said and added that the Centre, said ”resign and
go if not able control the violence”.


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