Mehreen breaks silence on allegations on her


There were reports recently that Shankar Prasad, the producer of ‘Aswathama’, of Ira Creations,  refused to pay the hotel bill of Mehreen Pirzada after she did not turn up for the movie’s promotions.

“When Naga Shaurya, the lead actor of the film, was injured in a major accident, she didn’t even call us and in fact got angry that the shoot got delayed,” he was quoted as saying.

The actress has now come up with her side of the story.  “I was maintaining a dignified silence regarding the entire issue but when my reputation is tarnished I am forced to tell my side of the story,” she wrote, adding, “I was unable to make it for one interview as I got a skin allergy and my face broke out into a rash,” she said in a social media post.

Stating that while she apologised to the producers for missing the interview, she added that they got irked and refused to settle her hotel bill, which was later settled by her manager.

She  said that she paid her staff, contrary to what the producer had said. “There are two sides to every story and I felt I cannot keep quiet when my professional reputation is dragged through the dirt,” she said further.


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