Pia Bajpai says she didn’t know Ajith was a big star

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Pia Bajpai, who had acted with Ajith in ‘Aegan’  almost a decade ago, has revealed in a recent interaction that she was not aware of the popularity of Ajith when she signed the movie.

In a recent interaction, she said that if she had the chance to trade her life with someone else for a day, she would trade it with Ajith as she wants to feel that fan following and love from the people.

“When I signed Aegan, I had no idea what a big star he is and what I was getting into. I had no idea it was a huge set up and that I would crib after the film and tell people how foolish I was not knowing who Ajith was or what the film is. It was such a big thing for me but I was completely clueless,” she said.

The ‘Poi Solla Porom’ and ‘Goa’ actress added, “When I was called for my shot, before I could come out of my vanity van I could hear fans outside shouting for someone and cheering. I knew it was all not for me. When I saw Ajith sir coming out people were going completely mad and then I got some idea that he is a superstar of sorts.”

She further said that she was completely clueless and was angry that no one told her that it’s a big project that she is getting into.

On Ajith, who is hailed as ‘Thala’ by fans, she said, “He was very nice with me. I was a newcomer and was the youngest on set. Since I was new to south, he was so protective and nice to me. We used to have conversations about the industry, the profession and being on set. I have learnt so many things from him. Like someone can be a superstar and can be humble at the same time.”


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