Meera Mithun makes serious allegations against Trisha


Meera Mithun, who recently threatened to take legal action against Trisha for allegedly copying her, has now made serious allegations against the ‘Ghillie’ and ‘Mankatha’ actress.

She said, “The lady Miss chennai ( how in 5’5 height ),did small roles, side roles, entered mainstream sleeping around, her name @trishtrashers, Bec am a kingfisher supermodel, She felt insecure so she ganged up with #KollywoodMafia ensured my scenes are cut in Yennai Arindhal #Nepotism”

While Trisha remains silent, these charges by Meera Mithun has sent shock waves in the industry and has angered Trisha fans. Trisha, who had recently taken a break from social media saying that she was taking a digital detox, stated: “On a happy but “my mind needs oblivion at the moment” note,a digital detox it is….. Stay home!Stay safe!This too shall pass Love you all and see you soon.”

She however returned soon and shared her latest picture which instantly went viral on the internet. “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! #mood 🌞 And yours ?” she posted.

But this did not go down well with actress and ‘Bigg Boss’ participant Meera Mithun, who has accused Trisha of copying her. She said, “Tis s gonna be my last warning to you @trishtrashers. Next time I see, you photoshop ur picture with features of mine including hair, morphing to, look like me, you will be under serious legal allegation . You know what ur doing, Well ur conscience knows. Grow Up! Get a Life.”


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