Maajja’s response rejecting recent slanderous allegations



maajja’s vision is to advance independent music to the global stage. We demonstrated our commitment to this successfully with our debut single, ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ that went on to garner global recognition and we remain proud of this accomplishment. Unfortunately from the onset, this song has been marred with controversy fuelled by its success as a direct result of the artists involved and their conflicts with each other.

We vehemently refute recent false and damaging allegations aimed at tarnishing our reputation. We stand by our commitment to indie artists and indie music, and there was never a question of us not fulfilling our commitments or keeping any revenue away from artists.

However – contrary to what we were led to believe – there is no consensus around the contribution to the song among the artists involved. Additionally, per contractual obligations of the artists, we haven’t received any disclosure or statements outlining direct engagements and revenues collected, despite our repeated requests, further complicating the resolution process.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting two of the artists involved have received advances, in addition to maajja incurring significant expenses on their behalf.

We recognize the importance of swiftly and fairly resolving this issue for all parties involved. Given the recent slanderous allegations, we will be addressing them through the appropriate channels.



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