‘Karthi 28’ to be directed By Mari Selvaraj


Director Mari Selvaraj will be directing Karthi’s 28th project as a lead actor, tentatively titled ‘Karthi 28’.

However, until Karthi has completed his upcoming projects with actors Dhruv Vikram and Dhanush, he will not start shooting for this project.

Karthi’s last outing as a lead performer was in the multilingual action film ‘Japan’.

Apart from this, Karthi has also confirmed his return in the sequels for both ‘Sardar’ and ‘Kaithi’.

While the former is an espionage drama, the latter is an action thriller, which will now focus on the origins of Dilli, who set the stage for the LCU, which became more popular with films like ‘Vikram’ and ‘Leo’.

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