Director Vetrimaaran’s IIFC signs MoU with Vels University for courses on film studies

Director Vetrimaaran’s IIFC signs MoU with Vels University for courses on film studies

The International Institute of Film and Culture founded by Director Vetrimaaran has now taken a big leap with its association with Vels University. They have been providing free courses for socially and economically backward students since 2021. The time period of these latest programmes offer three years of film education. On account of this, an MoU was signed between Vels University, Pallavaram and IIFC where courses like B.Sc Film Studies (3 Years), M.Sc. Film and culture studies (2 years), PG Diploma in Media skills (1 year) will be offered for free for students.

Instructional and procedural learnings would also be delivered. The MoU ceremony was held in the presence of Dr. Ishari K Ganesh, Chancellor of Vels University and filmmaker Vetrimaaran, founder of IIFC.

International Institute of Film and Culture:
Districts across Tamil Nadu are economically very backward. The mission of  IIFC is to bring social equity in the society through art and films. Further conducting courses with process learning for students along with Tuition is also available.

Speaking at the event director Vetrimaaran said, “When I started my career in cinema, I was able to learn cinema by joining a big director as an assistant director for a minimum salary. In later periods, I was able to learn cinema by joining cinema-related educational institutes. And short films helped us prove our talent, social and economic status. This was the main factor. Thus, Professor Rajanayagam and I discussed ten years ago that everyone should get cinema-related education free of charge. It was only after that, that we established the International Institute of Film and Culture. Earlier we received the applications of the students and analyzed their social and economic conditions and interviewed them as they were suitable. It was our dear friend Late. Vetri Duraisamy who reserved a small section of his IAS academy for the institution. And he was the one who made me pitch the idea to Ishari K Ganesh for this collaboration. He also unreservedly assured the support of Vels in all our good endeavours. We have started this thoughtful initiative today with a good intention that all the students should have a good impact on the society by bringing them up through these three types of film industry related courses to teach the students how to handle the media,” he said.

During the press conference of the event, while answering their questions, he said, “In IIFC that we run, students are given free education and food. I usually don’t use that word. But we wanted Vels University to partner with us. In just one phone call, Ishari.K.Ganesh sealed the deal. We give priority to the socially and economically disadvantaged students, especially the non-institutionalized students. This agreement will continue to be extended considering the support given by the students to the agreement and considering the future situation,” assured Isari.K.Ganesh along with Vetimaaran.

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