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Dev (Ashok Selvan) goes to London to work under a famous chef (Nasser). He is an insomniac, obese, and suffers from sporadic muscle spasms which catch people off-guard. 
Nasser is ruthless when it comes to judging the food being cooked at his restaurant. Tara (Ritu Varma) works in the same kitchen and she considers Nasser as her role model and follows all his recipes and instructions down to the last detail.
Slowly, Dev surprises everyone in the kitchen with his cooking skills. This is where director Ani Sasi introduces a twist which makes things all the more spicier.
The conflict in the story revolves around the past of each of the principal characters, and they are all handled by Ani Sasi in a subtle manner till the end.
Ashok Selvan is fabulous as Dev, at times he resembles Madhavan and acts like him too. He pulls of the character of a dazed person effortlessly and has breathed life into his role.
He adds infectious charm to his understated sadness. Ritu Varma has nailed her character and is exemplary in the climax sequence. Another surprise package in the movie is Nithya Menon whose role is a sort of revelation.
Composer Rajesh Murugesan’s BGM elevates even an ordinary scene and the visuals are very appealing through Divakar Mani’s lens. Overall Theeni is a heartwarming drama which has its heart in the right place.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

By Naveen


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