Sangathalaivan – Review by Naveen


In support of the working class


– Review

Sivalingam (Samuthirakani) is a socialist and is the leader of a workers’ union. Rangan (Karunas) works in a factory.

Once an accident talks place in the factory and Rangan’s colleague gets affected. The employer denies giving compensation. So, Rangan and Sivalingam fight against the employer and force him to compensate the affected person.

This makes the employer angry and he takes revenge against Rangan and Lingam. Did they escape from his evil plans?

‘Sangathalaivan’ directed by Manimaran has some good performances amidst the predictable story. The screenplay should have been penned better with some gripping elements and something new.

Samuthirakani’s role is nothing new and he has done justice to his character. Karunas has made full use of the opportunity and shines well. Performances of the rest of the starcast is also neat.

Robert Sargunam’s songs and BGM are functional, while editing by GB Venkatesh could have been more crisp.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen

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