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Rajavukku Check

– Review

‘Mazhai’ director Sai Rajkumar is back in the reckoning after 15 years with ‘Rajavukku Check’, a gripping crime thriller that also conveys a message to the society.

Starring Cheran in the lead, the movie, despite being a thriller, is one for the family audience. In a sense, it is a reflection of the society we live in, especially with crimes against women are on a rise.

Cheran plays a police officer who is separated from wife and daughter. He suffers from a rare condition called Kleine-Levin syndrome.

It is sort of the opposite of insomnia. As an investigating officer in the CB-CID, he battles this health issue in addition to the challenges of solving cases.

As part of his work, he arrests four youngsters who hail from rich background, for kidnapping a girl. Due to the deft handling of the case by Cheran, they get one year jail.

After coming out from prison, they kidnap Cheran’s daughter on her birthday. The rest is all about whether the police officer is able to rescue his daughter by fighting his health issues.

The film’s USP is the performance of Cheran and Shrushti Dange. While Irfan plays a negative role, the audience would look out for the pivotal roles of Sarayu Mohan and Nandana Varma, as Cheran’s wife and daughter, respectively.

M S Prabhu’s cinematography and Vinod Yajamaanyaa’s music have added immense value to the movie. Director Sai Rajkumar has made a strong comeback after a long gap and this film should bring him honours and offers.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


Rajavukku Check


Cheran – Raja Senthoor Pandian
Irfan – Akshay
Srushti Dange – Aadhiraa
Sarayu Mohan ( Wife ) – Gowri
Nandana Verma ( Daughter ) – Keertana


Writer – Director
Sai Rajkumar
Dop – M S Prabhu
Music – Vinod Yajamaanyaa
Art – Raju
Action – Danger Mani
Editor – C S Premkumar
Producers –
Soman Pallette
Thomas Kokkatt
Released by –
F Usman Faheed
SDC Picturez

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