Operation JuJupi – Review by Naveen


Sending a political message

Operation JuJupi

– Review

Chaams is unhappy about the political system in India. When he discusses this with his friends, they tease Chaams saying that the problem is with him and that he should consult a doctor.

One day all of a sudden God appears before Chaams and listens to his problems.

Following this he gives him a drink named ‘JuJuPi’ which has magical powers. After consuming the drink Chaams dreams of a political change in the country. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The core theme of the movie is very interesting and can be easily related by the audience. Director Arun Kanth has not just pointed out the problems in the political system, but has also suggested a few solutions through the movie.
Chaams shines in a serious role and is very impressive.

An ensemble of cast including Vaiyapuri, Venkat Suba, Santhanabharathi, Badava Gopi, Jagan and Manobala have all done their part well.

Sugumaran Sundar’s camera work is appreciable. Arun Kanth has handled the music composing, colour mixing and 14 other technical aspects of the film.  He has done complete justice to the movie.

Rating: 3/5

By Naveen

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