Nenjam Marapathillai – Review by Naveen


Selva-Suryah steal the show

Nenjam Marapathillai

– Review

Almost after a delay of five years, Selvaraghvan’s ‘Nenjam Marapathillai’ has finally released.

The story is as old as the hills, however the way it is executed is top notch. The movie is about Ramasamy (S J Suryah), who reaches the top using shortcuts.

He is married to Swetha (Nandita Swetha) and has a kid (Rishi). It is lust at first sight for Ramsay after seeing Mariam (Regina Cassandra) who is appointed as the babysitter for Rishi.

Regina is a god-fearing woman who does not get married so that she can serve god. Even after several advances made by Suryah, Regina decides to stay in the house to take care of Rishi.
Ramsay hatches a plan to fulfil his desire, but things wrong and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

It is S J Suryah’s show all the way, he makes it difficult to take the eyes off of him, whenever he is on the screen. He sizzles in the role and this could be his best performance so far.

Regina has a complete character arc and looks earnest throughout. Nandita has a good scope to perform and has used the opportunity well.

‘Nenjam Marapathillai’ has all the elements of what fans expect from a Selva movie. Though it is released almost five years after completion, it still manages to entertain and keeps the audience engaged.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is at is best, the songs are excellent and the BGM is breathtaking. Cinematographer Arvind Krishna has created magic through his lens. But the climax is cliched and CG works are very average.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen 


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