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Soulful and true to the original


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‘Maara’ is a remake of ‘Charlie’, the 2016 Malayalam film starring Dulquer and Parvathy. However, it is not a cut, copy, paste job from ‘Charlie’, but has a voice of its own.

Unlike ‘Charlie’, in ‘Maara’, the protagonist here isn’t just a nomad but a man roaming around with a baggage of a promise made decades ago.

Parvathi aka Paaru, a restoration architect (Shraddha Srinath) leaves her home to avoid getting married. She stays in a house that previously belonged to Maara (Madhavan).

The sketches that Maara left behind deeply impress Paaru, who begins her mission to meet him. Who is Maara and how Paaru finally meets him forms the crux of the story.

Director-writer Dhilip Kumar and co-writer Bipin have chosen a different route to narrate Maara’s story, which makes it unique and highly appealing.

Madhavan once again proves his impeccable acting skills and unmatchable on-screen charisma with the character Maara. The role of the middle-aged wandering artist is tailormade for him.

Shraddha Srinath is evolving and you can see that clearly. Watch out for her when she has no lines, her eyes do the talk and that is enough to tell you she is working hard towards it.

Amongst others, Mouli, who plays Vellaiya stands out. His cuteness covered with strictness and the father in him shine when comes on the screen.

Art direction by Ajayan Chelissery is one of the best modern South cinema has seen till date. The painted roads, rustic elements on them, the ageing houses and the grass peeping out of the walls, everything is aesthetic and works for the camera. cinematographer Dinesh Krishnan and Karthik Muthukumar who manage to capture the beauty of these landscapes and also the created set designs.  Music by Ghibran also manages to be a standout.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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