Jagame Thandhiram – Review by Naveen


This trick is not a treat 

Jagame Thandhiram

– Review 

Peter (James Cosmo) is a ruthless gangster in London. Sivadoss (Joju George) is Peter’s rival and Suruli (Dhanush) is a small-time gangster in Madurai.
Peter, who is trying to get a controversial immigration law passed with his muscle power, decides to hire Suruli, who is always open for some quick bucks, to take on Sivadoss.
Even as Suruli starts making his move against Sivadoss, he starts questioning the ethics of his acts when Atlia (Aishwarya Lekshmi), the Sri Lankan Tamil woman whom he has fallen for, tells him what Sivadoss actually means to the immigrant community.
Despite having a strong idea, Karthik Subbaraj beats around the bush for a long time and the actual point comes much later in the film. Dhanush is all energy throughout the movie. He breathese life into the character of Suruli.
Joju George has delivered a neat peformance and stands out from the rest. Thomas Cosmos manages to bring all the possible negative energy in the frame with his presence. Aishwarya Lekshmi shines in a throwback sequence but is given little to nothing in real-time. Santhosh Narayanan has experimented with the music which has come out well.
Rating: 3.5/5
By Naveen

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