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Taste of caste


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While ‘honour killings’ by so-called upper caste people take place in Tamil Nadu and other parts, there is no denial that there are youngsters, backed by wicked people, lure young girls and make money through the ‘relationship’.

‘Draupathi’, helmed by  Mohan G of ‘Pazhaya Vannarapettai’ fame, exposes those people in a hard hitting manner, but without getting provocative and crossing the limit.

Rudhra Prabhakaran (Richard) goes to jail for murdering his own wife Draupathi (Sheela Rajkumar) and her sister in the name of honour killing.

However, within six months, he comes out of prison and moves to Chennai, where he sells tea. But his real motives are something else.

He closely monitors activities at a Registrar’s office in the city and soon tracks two men and bump them off. This send shocks waves.

Even as an undercover police officer is assigned to investigate these murders, an independent journalist, who is making a documentary on Prabhakaran and his wife, finds something fishy. Who is Prabhakaran and what is his real mission?

Kudos to director Mohan for making a bold attempt without fearing the consequences. He has also handled the subject in a sensible manner. A few characters resemble people in real life.

Richard has performed well in his role, while Sheela Rajkumar has once again delivered a commendable performance. Rest of the members of the cast are adequate.

First half starts on a sensational manner and things proceed on top gear. But the second half acts like speed breaker. Overall, ‘Draupathi’ is a film with a much needed message. Movies like this are a rarity in Tamil cinema and don’t miss to watch it, especially if you have a daughter at home.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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