Binge watch these 5 highly critically acclaimed Primetime Emmy Award Winning TV Shows

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Winning a Primetime Emmy Award is perhaps one of the most prestigious accolades in the television/web industry. With all the buzz doing the rounds around the 48th International Emmy Awards, we are taking you on a trip down memory lane with those television series which apart from winning the Emmy’s at the time, have also struck a chord with the audience world over.

Catch these absolute gems across Colors Infinity, Comedy Central, Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Fargo on Colors Infinity

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Written and directed by the famous Coen brothers, Fargo is a dark comedy drama that uses its arsenal of talented actors to brings a fresh take on crime each season. Exploring a host of different locations including Minnesota and North Dakota, their distinctive characters explore crime in this magnetic series has won several accolades for its original anthological format. With its masterful use of dark humour, and magnificent twists and turns, the series has won hearts across the globe.

2.Killing Eve on Amazon Prime Video

Writer extraordinaire Phoebe Waller-Bridge created history with this award winning comedy spy drama. The series revolves around the journey of a British intelligence investigator’s mission to find a psychopathic contract killer. The cat and mouse chase intensifies as the two find each mutually obsessed with each other. Leading actresses Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh were commended for their electrifying performances and thrilling chemistry, for which both actresses won multiple accolades.

3.The Good Place on Comedy Central

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Ever thought about what happens to you after you die? The Good Place tackles the existentially unanswerable question with its entertaining, whimsical take on the afterlife. The show takes you on a fantastical journey as the four central characters figure out their morals and ethics that deem their fate in the afterlife. The series gained vast critical acclaim for original plot and heart-warming performances. Moreover, the series managed to effortlessly incorporate heavy philosophical topics into its light-hearted goofy execution.

4.This Is Us on Amazon Prime Video

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 The romantic family drama ‘This Is Us’ delivers a beautiful woven story through generations of a family’s history, tugging heartstrings across the world. The show’s marvellous score of writers and actors perfectly use several different time frames, seamlessly encapsulating a whole spectrum of human emotions with their striking storytelling. The show received massive appreciation on delving into sensitive topics, including adoption and racial profiling, the most recent being the Black Lives Matter movement. The series has received more than 10 Emmy Award nominations, making it a certified must watch!

5.Euphoria on Disney+Hotstar

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Euphoria is a gritty teen drama that explores the dark theme of abuse, drugs, love and trauma as these teens navigate the complex web of young adulthood. The series received massive critical acclaim for its incredibly diverse cast and its masterfully portrayal of challenging subjects. Furthermore, the series’ hypnotic cinematography set a wildly contrasting backdrop for the grim experiences portrayed on screen. A major highlight on the show is child star Zendaya’s outstanding performance, for which she won a Primetime Award.

Primetime Emmy Award Winning TV Shows

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