Prasanth Varma’s ‘HanuMan’ series to have a female superhero?


‘HanuMan’ has become a massive hit at the box office and director Prasanth Varma has also started the pre-production of the sequel, ‘Jai HanuMan’ a few days ago in Hyderabad.

It is a known fact that Prasanth Varma is planning a skyverse of fantasy dramas and each film will have a superhero.

Now, speaking in an interview, he has revealed that there will be a solo film that will have a female superhero.

Prasanth Varma’s Skyverse will also have a female lead who will play the superhero. This news is quite interesting and gives the idea that Prasanth Varma has something special in store for us in the days to come. For now, he is enjoying the success of ‘HanuMan’.

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