Kollywood slams UP rape-murder

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The brutal rape and murder in Uttar Pradesh has evoked shock waves across the country. Many Tamil film personalities have aired their views on it and sought stringent action against those who involved in it.

Kamal Haasan: Nadir of political misbehavior! Shame on UP Police. We, the people, voted for such thuggery. Irrespective of the party and its philosophy, rancour and hate will only breed and multiply, unless condemned by the majority.

Karthik Subbaraj: We are living in a very unsafe place filled with barbaric animals… There is No hope for Humanity…This image and the incidents happened to the girl proves it….
So very Cruel and Disheartening…

C S Amudhan: The police barricaded her family & burnt her body. It’s all on video. There is no dispute. Everyone with a voice, every celebrity, every influencer, speak up. If our voice is not heard now there is no point in having one.

Pa Ranjith: #HathrasHorror is #Shame for the whole nation! #Casteism #ManishaValmiki, a #DalitGirl is brutally raped & killed by #Thakur caste men. It would have been different for the majority of people if the victim is from the Savarna, which would have caused nationwide protests.

He added: #ShameOnUPGovt #ShameOnYouHathrasPolice Instead, of handover, the body to the victim’s family, just see what the police did to the victim, they burned. This is what #Casteism has done. The Govt&Police burned the love of a family, later. #AtrocitiesAgainstDalits is #Terrorism.


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