Vanitha Vijayakumar’s war with producer

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Vanitha Vijayakumar is in the news ever since she entered wedlock with Peter Paul recently. Earlier, actresses Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Kasthuri hit out at him and Vanitha too hit back at them.

The latest is producer Ravindar Chandrasekar has commented on Vanitha’s marriage to Peter Paul, saying it was a violation of law since Peter Paul hasn’t obtained divorce from his first wife.

Following this, Vanitha slammed him. In response, Ravindar has demanded an apology from the actress-former ‘Bigg Boss’ participant on body-shaming him during her call to him.

Reacting to it, Vanitha wanted to know who he was to comment about her personal life and called him a third person in this issue. She added that as an example she is in need of forty thousand rupees immediately and whether he would give it to her.

Following this, Ravindar has said that he would not only give that money to her but also would take care of the educational expenses of Vanitha’s daughters Jovika and Jaynitha including their marriage expenses.

“This is not a media stunt and I promise this on his mother. If financial trouble is the problem, I am happy to take care of it as I still consider Vanitha Vijaykumar as my sister,” he added. Meanwhile, Vanitha has called for a press meet at Porur police station today.


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