Trisha and Nayanthara spread awareness




Trisha, who is known for working towards social causes, has joined hands with UNICEF to spread awareness on coronavirus, which is creating its deadly impact all over the world.

In a video, Trisha is seen explaining how one should follow personal hygiene by washing their hands for 20 seconds. The actress also said that in case if people have a fever, trouble in breathing and cough, they should contact the nearest doctors.

“Also, people should cover their mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing,” she said. Meanwhile, Nayanthara’s rumoured boyfriend and filmmaker Vignesh Shivan has released pics of he and the actress clapping together to thank medical staff who are working hard during covid-19.

He wrote: “Claps, drumrolls & whistles for the real heroes !!! #Doctors #PoliceOfficers socialVolunteers #AllPublicServants #Cleaners May this corona virus become powerless asap ! Medicines & vaccines are getting ready and gonna come very soon to save mankind and get us back to our normal life ! Until then! United we Fall , divided we win! #socialdistancing #selfquarantine is the route to safety! #staySafe #stayIndoors.”


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