Samantha is super happy with her first harvest of cabbage microgreens

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Samantha Akkineni, who is into gardening latelly, is excited to see the first harvest of cabbage microgreens from her home garden.

Uploding pictures of her with the farm produce, a happy Samantha wrote: “My first harvest of cabbage microgreens 💚.. For those of you interested in growing your own … all you need is a tray , cocopeat , seeds and a cool room (I used my bedroom ) that has a window that lets sunlight partially in ..”

She said further: “if the tray isn’t getting much sunlight , a bed side lamp can be placed near it .. 😊😊 Step 1: fill the tray with cocopeat … leave room at the top Step 2: sprinkle the seeds Step 3: spray water generously till the cocopeat is completely moist and cover the tray.”

“Place the tray in the coolest area of your house next to a window .. if there is less sunlight you can use a bedside lamp (I did that ) . Leave it for 4 days .. (you can check on it everyday you ll see it sprout ) .,” she added.

“On the 5th day remove the cover of the tray and spray water generously once everyday .. By day 8 your microgreens are ready to harvest upto day 14 💚… I got my seeds from @zeptogreens .. happy gardening 💚“, Samantha concluded.

On the work front, she is currently busy with a string of projects in both Tollywood and Kollwood.


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