Oru Nodi – Review by Naveen


Life changing 

Oru Nodi

– Review

‘Oru Nodi’ is made with the basic philosophy that the events that happen in our life or the decisions that we take in a moment can turn our life upside down.

MS Bhaskar mortgages his land to Vela Ramamurthy in return for taking a loan for his daughter’s wedding. Bhaskar goes missing when he is on the way to return the money to Vela Ramamoorthy.

MS Bhaskar’s wife Sri Ranjani files a police complaint. While Inspector Taman Kumar investigates the case, a young woman is mysteriously murdered.

How are both these incidents related, Was Thaman Kumar able to find both the mysteries forms the crux of the movie.

Director Manivarman has succeeded in maintaining the suspense from start to finish.

There are enough twists and turns at the right time to keep the audience engaged.

The screenplay is made in such a manner that every character in the movie becomes a suspect.

Taman Kumar is convincing in his role as the cop and has done complete justice to his role.

M S Bhaskar and Vela Ramamoorthy are pillars of the movie and have delivered an exceptional performance.

They are ably supported by Sri Ranjini, Pala Karuppiah, Deepa Sankar, Nikitha, Arun Karthi and Vignesh Adhithya.

Music by Sanjay Manickam is impressive and the proceedings are effectively captured by K G Ratheesh.

Rating: 3.5/5  
By Naveen


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