Navaratri reminds me of MeToo movement: Chinmayi

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Singer Chinmayi Sripadha, who spearheaded the MeToo movement in south Indian film industry, has recalled how the initiative gained momentum two years ago.

“Navaratri reminds me of the MeToo movement. Each Navaratri will. Not that I or any of the other women and men could ever forget. 2 years of giving a complaint. 17 women and counting. 2 years of seeing the stars dance around the accused,” she said.

Chinmayi further said that the heart and soul of the movement is to remove the guilt and shame on the victim/survivor and put them on the perpetrator.

Stating that she tries and gives confidence to the victims, Chinmayi adds that nothing can be a justification for sexual assault – be it one’s clothes, smile, laughter, anger, attitude, education, worldview or age.


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