#Mother’s Day# – Spl. Article by Vasan Suri

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Mother is our Earth,
Mother is our Nature,

Mother is our Language, Mother is our Religion, Mother is our identity, Mother is our Nation, Mother is our living God.

Every day is a Mother’s Day. Mother manifests herself in every form in our life.

She is the living God. Without Mother, we all are nothing. If you want to be successful in life, keep your Mother Happy, Her blessings take you a long way in every aspect of life.

The touch of a Mother heals you from all the ailments, Mother’s touch gives you that power. When you feel down a hug from the Mother, soothes your heart, Lie down on her lap and that is the heaven on Earth.

There is a great song in Tamil which verses are as below:

“Amma endru azhaikadha uyir illaiye, Ammavai vanangamal, uyarvillaiye.”

“Every creature in this World calls for her Mother. Bow down before her, as only with her blessings you can reach great heights.”

Respect for my Mother, makes me respect every Mother in this Universe.

If we follow this mindset, there will be no division on the Earth be it language, religion, identity or the Nation.

No fight for anything, no hatred between people. We all are the children of Mother. Mother only cares for her children, She loves her children always, why the children should have any difference.

Pray to our Mother Earth to forgive all our sins and mistakes and take care of us and not to show her slightest displeasure which could range from a earth-quake, Tsunami, Floods or a Valcano.

On this Mother’s Day, let us all pray to our Mother and take oath to respect every other Mother and we all will feel as the same family.

Shed differences and let humanity and love spread all over the Universe.

“Salutation and Prostration to the Mother in all Forms”

Jai Maa! Maa Shakti!

By  vasan Sai

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