Meera Mitun issues warning to Rajini, Vijay

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Close on the heels of threatening to take legal action against Trisha for copying
her ‘style’, model-actress-former ‘Bigg Boss’ participant Meera Mitun has now said Rajinikanth and Vijay are trying to defame her.

“TN boycotted me, thanks for the same thats why am a supermodel now , opened nationally, internationally . Also kollywood against me, thats y am in bollywood & hollywood,” she said in a series of tweets.

Meera said further: “But What I don’t understand is Why is TN still behind my ass, talking(harassing)about me is their only Job ?! TN for tamilians, hindus i supppse, but malaylis, christians have dominated , doing injustice to a tamilian woman.”

“But why are they still behind my ass ! Idk when my anger rages like kannagi who fired madurai, I would do the same to TN ! @narendramodi Destroy TN ! TN is dying, save all ur ass. My ass is in a luxurious safest place living the best of my life. @rajinikanth (kannada ) @actorvijay ( Christian ) are doing the best to defame me ?! I won’t hesitate to take it legally on cyberbullying Woman harassment Act ! God is watching ??️ “. she added.

These tweets of her have stirred a controversy and many are condemning her for her statements.


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