‘Mafia’ faces trouble in Kerala


At a time when Arun Vijay-Prasanna starrer ‘Mafia’, directed by Karthick Naren, is getting ready to hit the screens after facing delalys, it seems the film would face trouble in Kerala.

According to a press release from Palakkad Distributors Association, it has asked its members not to take up films bankrolled by Lyca Productions.

The release said the production company tried to sell ‘Mafia’ to a new party while Mini Studio and KTC groups want the film as a compensation for ‘Kaala’ and ‘Darbar’.

It added that Lyca Productions is yet to settle the advance amount 2.80 cr received from Mini Studios for Kaala’s distribution in Kerala. Sources said the issue would be sorted out soon.

Speaking at a promotional event in Chennai recently, Arun Vijay said, “My 25 years of journey in the film industry has been very much challenging. I had to go through lots of hardships, ups, and downs. It’s all due to the immense support of my family, friends, media, and fans, I am able to sustain and give the best.”

He added: “Mafia has a phenomenal plot that has so much intense characterization. It completely belongs to Karthick Naren, who had done a voraciously great job on the script. It made our jobs easier without any stress. Prasanna has done an outstanding job in this film and his characterization will be highly noticed and appreciated. Priya Bhavani Shankar is a talented actress. These days, it’s really hard to find Tamil speaking heroines and she has gone through a complete transformation in character for this film.”


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