Kollywood thanks medical staff with claps





Accepting a request from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, popular personalities of Tamil film industry expressed gratitude to medical staff and all those providing essential services during the tough times of coronavirus by clapping at 5 pm on Sunday.

Family members of thespian Sivaji Ganesan including Prabhu and Vikram Prabhu, DMDK president Vijayakanth, Arjun along with family, actress Sri Divya, director R V Udhayakumar and others participated in the campaign and clapped their hands.

Earlier, asking people to follow ‘Janata Curfew’, actress-politician Khushbu Sundar shared a video on her social media page. She said, “This is not the time to panic, we need awareness. By not going out, you are doing a great favour to your family. You might think that you are young and strong. But think about the older people at home. Doctors have already said that if people in their 70s and 80s get affected by Covid-19, their chances of survival are less.

You cannot think that I am holed up inside the house and that there is absolutely nothing to do. When you are working hard, a number of thoughts cross our mind, that we are unable to spend time with children and that we don’t know how our parents are. Consider this as a blessing in disguise. Stay at home and spend quality time with family. The government of India has asked people to follow Janta Curfew. I am staying at home and I have asked everyone I know to stay at home. Can’t we survive without going out of home for a day?”


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