#Har Ghar Tiranga – Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav – Har Ghar Corruption Mukt(Free)# Awakening Series X – “Say no to Bribe”. Corruption is a cancer in our society. Even after 75 years of Independence, the corruption have not stopped. – Spl. Article by Vasan Suri




Corruption will erode our economics and society. Best is to say “no to Bribe to avoid corruption”.

As we say with pride “Har Ghar Tiranga”, let us also say “Har Ghar Corruption Mukt (Free)”. If we are able to keep our Country, corruption free then, it is real independence.

A recent incident and the act of an intelligent National of our Country goes viral video around the social media, for all the right reasons.

A young man from a town called Avinashi (Tiruppur District)- Tamil Nadu, constructs his house and requests the authorities for Electricity connection. This is his legitimate right.

He was asked to go up and down without any result for 3 months and later the authorities demanded Rs.50,000/- as their privilege (bribe) to provide the legitimate, Government power supply.

The young man goes to the local social enthusiast in their town seeking help.

He was suggested to apply online and register for power supply and as per the rule of the Government, he should get his power supply within 3 months of the registration.

He does the registration online and makes an online payment of Rs.3500/+ to the Electricity department.

Even then, the electricity was not provided giving various reasons by the local authorities and wanting their share of Rs.50,000/-.

As the time goes on, the young boy gets an official notification by email that, his power supply has been provided under the authorisation number and his meter no. Etc.,

In the Following month, he gets a monthly bill payable for the electricity consumed of the previous month.

The young boy with the support and guidance of the local social enthusiast, makes the online payment and gets his receipt for the same.

Though, there was no power supply provided, he had got his consumer account number, meter no and bill generated and paid.

Now, the young man uses his wit, as what was portrayed in a Tamil Film, where the comedian makes a complaint about his well missing by theft, making all the corrupt officers to go crazy.

Similarly this young man, makes a complaint to the local police station that, he was given power supply by the Electricity Department vide., their approval letter against his online payment and got the first month bill and after making online payment for which he has a receipt, suddenly finds that all the connection and wires and transformers missing and the Police should help him in searching for it.

The Police Department writes to the Electricity Department about this and having caught in the wrong foot, the electricity department swings in to action (damage control) and calls the young man to come next day morning at 10am and the power supply will be provided immediately.

The young man goes two hours delayed and to his surprise, he finds that the transformer for that locality erected and all his power lines were ready and well connected to his house.

All these were done so swiftly based on the police complaint and offering no bribe to anyone.

Let us take this as an example and spread the news around and avoid bribing anyone for any of our legitimate rights from the Government Departments and make our Nation “Corruption Mukt”.

Online transaction is a boon to all sections of the society and let us stick to cashless payments to eradicate the “corruption” from our society.

As a citizen, it is a duty of everyone of us to keep the “Corruption away”.

Jai Hind!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

By Vasan Suri

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