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What if death becomes a person and talks to people about why he exists? Life is a journey that starts with birth. On this journey, people meet so many people and experience many emotions. People look forward to some meetings and dislike some meetings and emotions. One event people always try to avoid, one meeting people hate to have, not just for themselves but also for their dear ones sometimes strangers too. That event which becomes a person is the hero of our story, he is none other than “DEATH”. What if that death is a person, what if death as a person has a perspective, what if death explains or narrates his point of view. Death explains the stories of four people he met. Dear Death – A hyperlink movie. Story and ScreenPlay – Sridhar Venkatesan Producer – Sathish Nagarajan (SNR Films) Producer – Ishwarya Thiyagarajan (Genesis Lion Motion Pictures) Direction – Prem Kumar DOP – Ashok Swaminathan Music – Navin Annamalai Editor – Sridhar Venkatesan Additional Screenplay – Prem Kumar Art – Kutty Sound Design – Sony James Make Up – Sabari Ganesh Direction Team – Rajesh Kumar, Thiyagu, Dileep Kumar, Pranav Lokeshwaran, Haasini Lyrics – Tharik Akbar , Viji Rajagopalan Costume Designer – Radika Siva (Santhosh Pratap), Ishwarya Thiyagarajan Stills – Aravind Balaji PRO – KSK Selva Publicity Designer – Max Brothers Executive Producer – Sridhar Venkatesan DI – Getin Dreams VFX – Jai Production Design – Genesis Lion Motion Pictures

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