Chinmayi slams Mukesh Khanna


Actor Mukhesh Khanna’s recent comments that the MeToo movement began because women started thinking they are equal to men have not gone down well with many.

The actor, who played ‘Shaktimaan’ and featured in ‘Mahabharat’, also said the job of women is to take care of the household.

Reacting to him, singer Chinmayi Sripadha, who spearheaded the #MeToo movement, said, “Ayya…. Actor Mukesh Khanna said #MeToo was because women started working. Not because men couldn’t control their hands remote controlled by their genitals and violence.”

“Ok, Uncle…. Honestly – I am getting tired of some people who are at a particular mental age. They wont change, not see sense, won’t learn, neither will they keep their toxicity to themselves. Thalaiezhuthu. I wonder if one should even invest any time in explaining,” she said.

Supporting Chinmayi, Radikaa Sarathkumar posted, “So true, their stupidity is appalling. Worst is getting away with it😡“.


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