Adah Sharma talks about nepotism


Adah Sharma, who was seen in ‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ and ‘Charlie Chaplin 2′, is a popular actress in Tollywood and Bollywood too. She has opened up on nepotism in her latest social media post.

Under the title ‘The Benefits of NOT being a star kid’, she wrote as follows:

“in Allllll my interviews im asked my take on Nepotism and Star Kids…we are always talking about the struggle ,but here are some perks of being a non star kid.

1)Getting the opportunity to stand in long audition lines leading to long toned legs.

2)Getting free bonus acting classes with real life experience of a rollercoaster of emotions like rejection and dejection.

3)A chance to do a big banner film andyet be invisible on the poster ! No name also full incognito!

4)To not be included in promotions of a film . so you can practice sulking and crying expressions at home(tab Hasee toh nahi aae 😜).

Look at star kid cat Radha Sharma @adah_ki_radha …she had to loose 10 kgs ,it’s only been a year since she’s born and she has to deal with all this fame uffffff!
The Struggle is Reel, Really !🙃🙃 Repost : @vidyutjamwalion.s (video cred) p.s.I don’t have a God Father but I think God is on my side ♥️ I got to do horror,action,romance,drama,comedy all in one film,my debut 1920.”


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