Singer-actor Sanjeeta Bhattacharya’s buoyant ‘Kaash’ sets the stage for the upcoming EP Women of the Now


The song is released on the music label ffs., ‘Kaash’ is one of four singles on the EP that also features singers Utsavi Jha, Sanjana Devarajan and Akanksha Sethi


After a tremendous 2023 that saw her debut in Bollywood blockbuster Jawan alongside Shah Rukh Khan and a Grammy nomination for the global music album Shuruaat. Singer-songwriter and actress Sanjeeta Bhattacharya kickstarts 2024 with ‘Kaash’, a song about the carefree acceptance of oneself.

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya weaves influences from folk, jazz and Latin styles, and ‘Kaash’ – written and sung by her – is yet another example of Sanjeeta’s vocal prowess.

The short-and-sweet track releases on the ffs. record label, serving as a compelling prelude to the forthcoming EP, ‘Women of the Now.’

‘Kaash’ beautifully echoes the nostalgia of carefree youth, capturing a moment of existential dread and a longing for the unbridled energy that we all feel as children.

As the opening release of the EP Women of the Now – which also features singers Utsavi Jha, Sanjana Devarajan and Akanksha Sethi – ‘Kaash’ embodies the celebration of individuality and the joy of embracing one’s true self. This collaborative project features four individual tracks, each representing the distinct journey and expression of four remarkable women, culminating in a collective anthem, ‘Manchala Dil’.

“Kaash was written while watching kites soar high above the clouds, against a beautiful warm sunset on a breezy autumn evening,” Sanjeeta shares, adding, “There is a sense of freedom and careless abandon in these moments that we lose as we grow older and more occupied with the ways of the world. We find ourselves feeling alone in a crowded room, chasing an escape from the pain you want to ignore, faking emotions to hide your real ones, chasing paper (money) instead of paper kites.”

Produced by Vaibhav Pani, who incidentally met Sanjeeta via Instagram, ‘Kaash’ represented an opportunity to explore a soundscape that complimented Sanjeeta’s discography. “She has always been one of my favourite singer songwriters in the scene. The moment I heard ‘Kaash’, I fell in love with the melody and the concept,” he says.


Written and performed by Sanjeeta Bhattacharya; produced and mixed by Vaibhav Pani; mastered by Jason D’Souza

ffs. is a sublabel of Times Music that focuses on independent music, and on January 18, ‘Kaash’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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