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More than two decades after watching Sathyaraj on screen as Walter Vetrivel, we now see his son Sibiraj as Walter, in ‘Walter’ directed by U Anbarasan.

The film, which is set in the backdrop of Kumbakonam, is good in parts. For, insipid screenplay and underwhelming characters take the sheen out of an interesting knot.

Walter (Sibiraj) is a sincere police officer who promptly executes the orders of his superiors. One day, he receives a complaint from a couple whose infant goes missing.

In the meantime, there is ego clash between Eswara Moorthy (Bava Chelladurai), a leading politician in Kumbakonam and his potential successor Balu (Samuthirakani).

An encounter happens which brings Balu’s friend Arjun (Natty) into the picture. Meanwhile, Walter also finds the chain-links in the kidnapping of children and is shocked to know that a big gang is behind it.

Sibiraj is earnest and puts his best efforts. But for him, other characters are routine and cliched. As a result, even talented actors like Samuthirakani, Natraj and Bava Chelladurai are unable to lift the movie.

Especially, Shirin Kanchwala, who plays the heroine, has got very little to do and her romance with the protagonist lacks maturity. Technically too, the movie has got nothing much to impress. On the whole, ‘Walter’ is a good idea with bad treatment.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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