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Dharala Prabhu

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When it was initially announced that Hindi film ‘Vicky Donor’, which was about a sperm donor, would be remade in Tamil, we were doubtful as to how would it suit the sensibilities of Tamil audience.

However, director Krishna Marimuthu has proved us wrong, by presenting it as a sensible remake. He has made adequate changes without affecting the basic idea.

Prabhu Govind (Harish Kalyan) is a happy-go-lucky youth whose world revolves around football, his mother and grandmother. He hails from a rich family.

A vegetarian, he leads a happy and healthy life without any bad habits. There is Dr Kannadasan (Vivekh), a fertility expert, who runs a clinic and sperm bank.

Kannadasan is on the lookout for a healthy sperm donor and he comes across Prabhu. Though Prabhu rejects the idea initially, he accepts to become sperm donor after realising the difficulties of childless couples.

Meanwhile, Prabhu falls for Nidhi Mandanna (Tanya Hope), who is from a totally different backdrop. At a time when he gets ready to settle in life with her, she comes to know the truth about him.

Harish Kalyan has performed really well and his performance is improving film after film. Tanya Hope has delivered goods, but the one who wows us is Vivekh, whose one-liners are the pillars of the movie.

With a knot which has ample scope for double meaning dialogues and vulgarity, the director has not fallen prey to them and presented a neat entertainer. Cinematography by Selvakumar is another highlight. The only drawback, however, are certain subplots in the latter half.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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