Anushka gets emotional


Anushka Shetty has come up with an emotional statement in which she has thoughtfully expressed her views on the present coronavirus lockdown situation.

“Divided we feeel divided we stay but united we stand …. A whole new outlook to life all that was learned to be unlearned … a whole new perspective .. all that felt like impossible is possible and all the possibilities vanished … as we take a moment to breathe ,a moment to truly see …we realise even though we are divided by time , geographical barriers we all stand with each other with love and prayers in our hearts Love prayers and gratitude to those Out there known and unknown …” she said.

The actress said further: “To every single person out there working towards protecting us,taking care of us praying for us and helping us recover ….No word or deed would stand big enough to convey our gratitude to all of them.”

She added: “But For when we come out of this we pray to value and realise that every single one of us have our role to play, play for each other at different space and time none superior none inferior just a role we have as humans towards humanity as humanity towards our planet.”

Recently, Anushka had said Prabhas is important for her than acting in films.
During a television reality show, the actress was asked to prioritise between friendship with Prabhas and acting in films. Without thinking twice, she said “I can’t leave my friendship for my work. So, definitely, will stop acting in films.”


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