Black People Pictures’ S Sumathi produces ‘Puravi’, an Action-Crime-Thriller starring ‘Big Boss’ Sakshi, written and directed by GJ Sathya*


After ‘Kaliru’, Director GJ Sathya comes out with his action packed  Action-Crime-Thriller addressing the plight of women who are subjected to injustices and insecurities in today’s world where speed overtakes prudence in a grandeur backdrop.

‘Big Boss’ fame Sakshi plays the lead while Sampath Ram, Kajal Pasupaletti,Shimore, Saleema, Deepa, Amman Sundar alongside important roles played by  Arif, Rishi Subramaniam, Lokesh, Santhosh Daniel, Subash Chandra Bose, Booshmiha,Ishmath Banu, Nalini Ganesan, Farshad and others.

Gopi Jagadeeshwaran cranks the Camera, while Mani Kumar and Raghu Sethuraman take care of the editing,  as MSP Madhan does the art. B Mohammed Aadhip scores the music and the lyrics are written by KV Karthik. Sathish does the choreography while the action sequences are trusted with Ashok Kumar.

Poornima TR does the costume designs,while
Nataraj takes care of costumes, Makeup is trusted with Karthik Hari while the Designs part is trusted with Red Pot Pawan for this action packed  political thriller.

Cast and Crew:
‘Big Boss’ fame Sakshi
Sampath Ram
Kajal Pasupaletti
Amman Sundar
Rishi Subramaniam
Santhosh Daniel
Subash Chandra Bose
Ishmath Banu
Nalini Ganesan
Farshad and others

Production: Black People Pictures’ S .Sumathi
Written & Directed by: G J  Sathya
Cinematography: Gopi Jagadeeshwaran
Editing: Mani Kumar, Raghu Sethuraman
Art: MSP Madhan
Music: B Mohammed Aadhip
Lyrics: K V Karthik
Production Executive:Sivabalan
Executive Producer :Shimore
Stunts: Ashok Kumar
Choreography: Sathish
Costume Designer:  Poornima TR
Costumes: Nataraj
Makeup: Karthik Hari
Stills: Packya
Designs: Red Dot Pawan
Story Board Artist: A. Selvam
Co Director: Venkatesh
Asst. Directors: Santhosh, Anbu, Vignesh, Gangaiya
PRO: Nikil Murukan



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